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Professional Liability

The representation of accountants, lawyers, design professionals and healthcare professionals is a significant area of our practice. We understand and appreciate the personal nature of the action, and welcome our clients’ comments and suggestions in creating and executing case strategy. This philosophy has proven to be successful in our expedient disposition of professional liability matters.

Our emphasis in professional liability cases is to aggressively attack whenever possible, to eliminate all or part of claims that have been asserted and leave as little as possible to be tried, arbitrated, or mediated. Indeed, the relatively small amount of professional liability cases that ultimately proceed to trial is attributable to our outstanding success at early disposition through aggressive law and motion.

Accountant Liability

Chapman Glucksman Dean & Roeb represents accounting firms of all sizes, including some of the largest regional accounting firms and their personnel, in matters touching upon virtually every aspect of the accounting profession.

In an environment of ever increasing regulation and monitoring of financial reporting, our experienced team of lawyers brings extensive knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), and overall operations and services rendered by public accounting firms to zealously defend our clients in litigation or regulatory proceedings that often arise. We are proficient in federal and state securities and other laws applicable to such litigation and regulatory matters.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing accounting firms in litigation brought by clients, investors, financial institutions and other third parties, among others. We have successfully represented accounting firms in suits with myriad causes of action including for negligence, fraud, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, and aiding and abetting or conspiracy. We also have considerable experience in the representation of business managers and are sensitive to the unique issues which can arise from the performance of these broad ranging services. Effective defense of an accounting firm when such claims are alleged requires the accounting firm’s lawyer to understand not only the applicable law, but also the accounting principles and standards that govern the industry. Our attorneys have this knowledge and are able to efficiently and cost-effectively represent our clients which frequently leads to very favorable results. Many of the attorneys have spoken at state and chapter accounting conferences.

Regulatory Matters

Our attorneys have first-hand knowledge of the broad investigative and disciplinary authority over public accounting firms and associated persons exercised by these regulatory bodies and have successfully navigated our clients through the uncertainty and complexity of such regulatory investigations. We have the experience to successfully assist in traversing the complex regulatory landscape, and to negotiate appropriate resolutions with regulatory bodies. We have represented accounting firms and individuals in investigations and enforcement proceedings by the AICPA, SEC, the PCAOB, various state boards of accountancy and other state regulatory bodies.

Legal Malpractice

We handle actions involving alleged legal malpractice, as well as corollary claims of malicious prosecution and abuse of process.  The cases and issues are as expansive as the law itself, and include actions arising from myriad underlying disputes, transactions or lawsuits.

We understand the financial and emotional costs of defending malpractice actions, especially in the presence of the deductible feature in most professional liability insurance policies.  We therefore actively solicit our clients’ involvement and interaction in the defense process, so they can participate in decisions concerning case handling and disposition.

Medical Malpractice

We defend actions arising out of alleged medical negligence for doctors, clinics and other health care providers. As medical malpractice defense attorneys, our firm provides comprehensive legal services to our clients in virtually every medical specialty.  Our team of experienced attorneys has the capability to quickly identify, understand and address the medical issues as well as the legal issues that commonly arise in medical malpractice litigation in order to provide an aggressive defense.

Our lawyers are experienced and dedicated to the defense of health care providers in medical malpractices actions, including matters involving catastrophic injures.  Our firm also has experience defending against elder abuse claims. We analyze each case to make a determination of whether the plaintiff has met his/her burden in proving negligence through allegations of mistakes or errors, and/or unreasonable care and injury.  We have also represented our clients in various administrative actions brought by regulatory agencies.


We represent design professionals, including architects and engineers, with respect to construction and litigation matters. The firm’s background in construction matters provides for enriched experience and deep resources. This includes presentations and materials.