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Environmental Law / Toxic Tort Litigation

We represent individuals and businesses providing counsel in litigation involving environmental and toxic damage claims in a variety of matters. We handle and assist with environmental actions and regulatory proceedings ranging from two parties to hundreds. We pride ourselves on creative, disposition oriented approaches to our client’s needs with a committed focus to site and case closure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The area of environmental law is heavily regulated. Thus, a thorough understanding of both state and federal statutory schemes is critical in providing counsel to clients involved in environmental and toxic tort litigation.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling a wide variety of environmental matters, including lawsuits involving pre-existing underground hazardous substances, as well as structure contamination problems. We have experienced the wholesale expansion of environmental torts, from basic pesticide and fungicide exposure, to hazardous waste dumping, storage tank contamination, and “tight building” syndrome.

In addition to representing clients in litigations matters, we are keenly committed to educating our clients in methods of avoiding or minimizing environmental and toxic substance litigation. We have also defended our clients against alleged exposure to mold.

Examples of environmental matters the firm handles include:

  • Dry Cleaner Contamination, including actions in which the chemical PCE was at issue.
  • Gas Stations, Dealerships, Auto Repair Shops and Underground Storage Tanks for cleanup and litigated matters, both state and federal.
  • Agricultural and Pesticide Contamination, including Mass Personal Injury. Exposure Claims and Property Cleanup for adjacent residential areas, from both subterranean and aerial discharges.
  • Land Fill Dumpsites including Superfund and EPA matters.
  • Mold Claims.
  • Subsurface contamination.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Tight Building Syndrome.