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Catastrophic Loss and Products Liability

We possess expertise in handling a variety of injury-related matters, from minor injury to multi-party catastrophic injury and wrongful death actions. We also represent clients in a wide range of product liability cases.

We represent clients in all types of bodily injury case, including premises liability, construction site accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and other physical, mental, and emotional injury-producing events. In the less severe cases, we often successfully arbitrate or mediate matters to final, binding conclusions, with minimal litigation expense. In more severe or multi-party cases, we engage appropriate experts to assist in the case evaluation process and ascertain whether the action can be successfully dismissed via dispositive motion.

We have significant experience in cases involving allegations of deficient design, manufacturing, or repair, in both minor and major product liability cases. We have particular experience in lawsuits involving material handling equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, tractors, cherry-pickers, skid/steer loaders and scissor-lifts. We also represent clients engaged in the business of designing and manufacturing component parts to finished products.

We understand the importance of ascertaining accident information immediately. For example, we schedule an early inspection of the product, in order to avoid the potential for post-accident product tampering, modification, or destruction, which frequently occurs in serious injury cases.

Our goal in every case is to diligently determine the cause of the injury producing incident, as well as the nature and extent of the damages so that informed and educated decisions can be timely made and aggressively executed.