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At Chapman Glucksman Dean & Roeb each of the lawyers in their particular practice group has extensive experience, knowledge and specialized education and training to achieve the best results for our clients. In a complex and challenging world, it is necessary to have specialized practice groups with attorneys who have the depth, experience and education to provide insight that will benefit a specific type of case. The use of specialized practice groups also allows the attorneys in each to share information firm wide on legal developments that directly impact the pro-active representation of our clients.

A number of our lawyers perform within several different practice groups. By taking part in multiple groups, our lawyers remain actively involved in numerous, interrelated areas of legal practice.  Thus, our clients are the immediate beneficiaries of such active interaction, in all areas of our practice, and at all levels of our representation – trial, arbitration, administrative hearings, mediation and appellate.

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Automotive and Equipment Dealerships

Auto and equipment dealerships present unique challenges in litigation, as they are exposed not just to common claims for claims for breach of contract, negligence and products liability, but also more specialized claims such as fraud, misrepresentation, and violations of a host of statutory laws including the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, the Song Beverly Act, the Magnuson-Moss Act, and Business & Professions Code section 17200.

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Business and Commercial Law

We are skilled in several aspects of business and employment law. We represent individuals, corporations, traditional partnerships, limited liability partnerships, sole proprietorships, financiers, and other business entities in a variety of matters before State and Federal trial and appellate courts, as well as numerous arbitration and mediation organizations.

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Catastrophic Injury and Products Liability

We possess special expertise in handling a variety of injury-related matters, from minor injury to multi-party catastrophic injury and wrongful death actions. We also represent clients in a wide range of product liability cases.

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Construction Law / Real Estate

The attorneys in this practice group specialize in the representation of a broad spectrum of businesses and individuals with an emphasis on owner/developer and general contractors, construction managers, design professionals in litigation, risk management, mechanic’s liens, hi-rises, condominium conversions, mixed use, catastrophic losses and other important and emerging areas. The cases vary in both size and complexity. These actions arise out of the construction of residential, industrial and commercial projects throughout the State of California, including schools, universities, churches, casinos, apartment buildings, office buildings, hi-rises, and strip malls. These matters often involve claims for construction defects, mechanic liens, breach of contract and delay claims, as well as risk management.

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Education Law

Our attorneys are experienced in protecting equality in education related matters from grade school to grad school.  These matters involve an array of issues including free speech, due process, and search and seizure.   Our attorneys offer counsel and representation to clients involved in education related litigation and administrative actions.

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Employment Law

Employment Law

We represent employers and businesses in both administrative proceedings and court in matters involving wrongful termination, retaliation, and sexual harassment, as well as race, gender, sex, age, and disability discrimination. We regularly counsel clients on rapidly changing developments in employment laws, and provide educational claim-prevention training seminars. We also prepare employee handbooks that extensively detail the employer-employee relationship.

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Environmental Law / Toxic Tort Litigation

We represent individuals, businesses, and municipalities in litigation involving environmental and toxic damage claims, including matters regarding surface and sub-surface contamination, improper hazardous disposal, and pesticide/chemical-related destruction of personal and real property.

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Insurance Law

We represent clients in a variety of insurance disputes. The expertise we possess traces back to the inception of the firm, drawing from vast experience analyzing and litigating insurance policy provisions and claims handling practices.

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New Media and Technology

Legal issues associated with new media and technology are constantly evolving.  The attorneys in this practice have extensive experience litigating matters involving new media and technology.  We offer innovative legal counsel in these matters as each of the attorneys in this group draws on their experience across multiple disciplines and stays current with the most recent legal trends and issues in these industries.

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Professional Liability

The representation of accountants, lawyers, design professionals and healthcare professionals is a significant area of our practice.  We understand and appreciate the personal nature of the action, and welcome our clients’ comments and suggestions in creating and executing case strategy. This philosophy has proven to be successful in our expedient disposition of professional liability matters.

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Public Entities

CGDRB represents public as well as quasi-public agencies, boards and municipal entities in both administrative and litigated matters. Our clients are varied, and include cities, counties and school districts. We understand and appreciate the dynamics involved in representing such entities, including the intricate and often complex rules and regulations that apply to them. Our lawyers are experienced in the nuances of working with public entity staff, managers and directors, to achieve goal-oriented results in the most expeditious and economical manner possible. Our professionals also offer pro bono volunteer services to such entities, frequently devoting hundreds of hours annually to such endeavors. 

Our litigation experience includes the defense of complicated/class action lawsuits with potential significant exposure, as well as smaller cases with nuisance to moderate liability exposure. Every case is handled with the efficiency and focus our clients have come expect and demand.  Outside of the litigation context, our public entity defense attorneys provide sound assessment and recommendations of risk management to public and quasi-public entities, by analyzing and achieving solutions to avoid claims and litigation.

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Transportation Law

Transportation Law in the United States, and California in particular, has evolved substantially over the last several years. Our lawyers possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully defend transportation entities that include motor carriers, fleet operators, motor coach operators and freight forwarders/operators. We also represent trucking businesses in sale and service-related disputes and transactions.

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